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1973 Scottish / 1975 RAC Rally- Ford archive films narrated by Dickie Davis. Featuring the Escort mk1 & 2 teams. 1.1973 - Roger Clarke takes victory against the Datsun Z, Volvo 144, Firenza and Avenger teams. Plus; Beetle, Porsche, Opel, Imp. Mikkola in another Escort mk1 fights back from 58th position. =18mins. 2. Major battle (even through Longleat House park) between Makinen in the Escort mk2 and the other mk2 of Clark, the Stratos, Saab 96, Opel Kadett, Capri, Marina, Porsche, Avenger, Toyota, BMW, Magnum, Dolomite, Fiat-Abarth 124 Spyder and Datsun Violet's =21mins. video 4057 £13- 40mins 1973 scottish Rallying.jpg (15687 bytes)
1988 Shell Oils RAC British Open Rally Championship - Covers all six rounds (Cartel Int, Circ. Ireland, Welsh Int, Scots, Ulster, Manx Euro. Featuring Starion Turbo (Airikkala), Sierra Cos. (McRae, Collins, Evans, Fisher etc). Peugeot 205 GTi (Aitken-Walker) and Astra GTE (Wilson, Metcalfe). Others include; Quattro 200, Peugeot 309 GTi, Skoda, Nova, Toyota, Golf GTi, Mazda 323, BMW M3 and Delta Integrale.... Although deleted we do sometimes find copies...let us know if you would like one... video VVD448 £15- 150 mins

1989 Mobil 1 Rally Challenge - BHP film – Who's the best Rallying driver? Six of the best drivers take to six special stages of gravel & Tarmac inc; Dalby (yorks), Scotland and Druidale & Sartfield in I.O.M. Each driver has an identical car for each stage. Featuring; L. Aitken-Walker, M. Wilson, P. Airikkala, Blomqvist, Brookes, Lovell
PEUGEOT 309GTi - CELICA GT4 - ASTRA GTE - BMW M3 - SIERRA COS.... Although deleted we do sometimes find copies...let us know if you would like one...

video VVD643 £15 - 115 mins
1990 Mobil 1 Rally Challenge - Same format as above with 5 stages inc I.O.Man. 6 drivers; Llewellin, Fiorio, Wilson, Blomqvist, Aitken-Walker & Airikkala. 6 cars; Nova GTE, Celica GT4, Sierra Cosworth, Subaru Legacy RS & Delta Integrale.............. Although deleted we do sometimes find copies...let us know if you would like one... video VVD806 £15- 100 mins -
1990 Shell British Open Rally Championship - Covering the Int. Cartel, C. Ireland, Welsh (Wilson recovering from last place), very dusty Scots, Ulster, Manx (debut of the Sierra 4x4 Sapphire) & Audi sport Welsh. Commentary by Steve Rider with contributions from series winner, Llewellin. Colin McRae has his first Open win. Features the Toyota Celica GT4 Turbo (Llewellin, Danso), Sierra & Sapphire (Wilson, Brookes, C. McRae, Evans, Cullen) & Nova GTE (Metcalfe). Others involved were; Astra GTE (Birkbeck), Delta, Golf (Lovell), Peugeot 309 GTi & 205, Skoda Favorit, BMW M3 (McHale, Fisher, Middleton), Daihatsu, Audi Q 90 (J. McRae), Legacy RS (Alen) and Kadett GSi (Haider).... Although deleted we do sometimes find copies...let us know if you would like one... video VVD803 £15- 85min
5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 - Rally! - British rallies 1995 the best of the action from every round of the following keenly fought series EARS/Motoring News National Tarmac Championship, Dunlop Tarmac Championship, Mintex National Championship, Burmah Scottish Championship and the BTRDA Gold and Silver Star Championships. video 4918 £13- -
A Dash of the Irish- 1. 1971 Circuit of Ireland Rally. Paddy Hopkirk is an interviewer and driver in this 'no practice' Rallying. Features the works Escort RS 1600 TC & GT team (Barry Lee, Sclater, Bradley, Boyd, Fiddler, Coleman & Hopkirk with the in-car camera) against Mini (Sparrow), Hunter, Porsche, Toyota 1600, Capri (Butler), Volvo (Eklund), Renault Alpine (Hollier), Riley Elf, Opel (Kulang), Triumph 2.5Pi, Saab, Imp, Viva HB = 30mins. 2. 1975 - Vauxhall DTV films- Drags -Wroughton, Swindon - - Skiltons Vauxhall VX 4/90 funny car against Swedens finest =10mins. 3. Blydenstiens workshops and SuperSaloon V8 Magnum/Firenza (Baby Bertha) with Gerry Marshall racing at Oulton (but the Skoda wins!!!) =8mins. 4. DTV Magnum group 2 (Sparrow) at Manx Rallying '75 (inc. great in-car shots0 battling the Roger Clark Escort RS1800 mk2 and Ponds Opel. =14mins. DVD4012 £15- 62mins
A Little Bit Sideways / Coup De Grace- Ford archive films- 1.-  1978 British Open Rally Sedan Championship. Featuring the Escort mk2 (Vatanen, Sclater, Clark, Mikkola, Brookes, Waldegaard, Taylor) and Triumph TR7 (Tony Ponds last TR7 drive) and Fiat 131 Abarth Mirafiori. (also; Stratos (Coleman, Alen), Chevette HSR Airikkola, McRae), Porsche 911 (Nelson), Saab Turbo (Blomqvist)) on the Manx (excellent footage), Irish, Welsh, Scots, Burmah & RAC...Murray Walker does the interviewing =30mins. 2. - 1979 World Rally featuring the last year of the Rothmans Escort mk2 (Clark, Mikkola, Waldegaard, Robson) and Lancia Stratos (Darnisch). (also; Kadett, Celica, 131 Abarth, TR7, Merc 450SLC, Datsun (Salonen, Dawson), Saab 900T, Sun-Lotus, Chevette HSR in NZ, Kenya, RAC, Greece, Spain etc Narrated by Desmond Lynam, with Murray Walker. =30mins......DVD only..






£15- 60mins

A Place in the Sun - 'The Professionals' - film by Castrol, 1978 1000 Lakes Rally- following the Escort mk2 team of Vatanen, Mikkola and Hammerleinan, fighting it out against the Chevette HS, Fiat Abarth & Porsche 911. And also the Wolf F1 of Jody Scheckter in practice and the race at Brands for the British Grand Prix. Comments from Rally chief Peter Ashcroft. = 30 mins.    'A Place In The Sun' - A Castrol film of the 1983 Tour de Corse, all tarmac Rallying in Corsica. Features the Lancia 037's of Allen, Androuet & Rohl, the Quattro's of Mikkola & Mouton and a tea sipping (when everybody else is falling apart) Tony Pond in the tiny budget Nissan 240RS. Brief footage of the Manta & Renault 5 turbo. = 30mins DVD4009N £15- 60mins
(Best of) - Alpine Rally in the Fifties -1950, 1954, 1956 - 1. - 1950 'Thoroughbreds All' - Austin film featuring the Riley's & MG TD teams. 120 cars start over the mountains. Won by Jaguar XK120 - B/W 17 mins (same as MFQ11 and MG library HMF1009) 2. - 1954 (same as 'Classic rallying' HMF1023 below). 3. - 1956 featuring the Triumph TR3 (Griffiths, Hopkirk, Gatsonides, Kat) work team and a fair amount of the MGA (Sears, Nancy Mitchell). Plus; AC Aceca, Aston DB2, Porsche 356, Denzel, Salmson, Zephyr mk2 (Anne Hall, Scott), Peugeot 224, Mercedes 300sl, new Rapier (Harper, Ray), Taunus, Dyna Panhard coupe etc......30 mins. Colour. HMFDVD5006 £20- 74mins
Alpine Rally 1964 & 1965 - Two Standard-Triumph films. Features; Debut of the Spitfire (Thuner, Fidler, Hunter, Pirie, Marnat) & Spitfire Coupe's (Thuner, Slotemaker,Lampinen). Cortina mk1 (Elford, Taylor, Siegle) & Citroen DS19. Also footage of Rover 2000P6 (R. Clark), Triumph 2000GT (Cowan), Mini (Hopkirk, Makinen), TR4 (Berterelli, Irving), Ferrari, Fiat 500?, Porsche 904, Alfa TZ, Renault 8 Gordini, Healey 3000, Mustang, Imp, Tiger, Daf, BMW 700, Saab, Lancia Flavia etc 2,250 miles, only one third of the cars finish the 2,250 miles of the 1965 event. Temporarily Withdrawn - 62mins Alpine Rallying 64-65.jpg (12041 bytes)
Audi Quattro - See Marques page A-Z for details of 3 videos featuring the Quattro's Rallying days.; 'Audi Q Experience' & 'Audi Q - the Official Story' & 'Audi Q - the Full Story'. - - -

Australian Rally Championship reviews - 2002, 2003, 2004 - ......£18 each

............DVD only

DVD £18- 60mins to order only

Australian Safari Off Road Rally - 2003, 2004 ........£18 each

............DVD only

DVD £18- 90mins to order only-

AVON MOTOR TOUR OF BRITAIN  - 1973-75 - RALLY DRIVERS V CIRCUIT DRIVERS. 1000 miles ON SPECIAL STAGES AND RACING CIRCUITS AROUND BRITAIN inc; Night race at snetterton, Santa Pod, Knebworth house, Cadwell, Eppynt, Donnington, Oulton, C. Combe etc
1. 1973 = 'SONG OF THE BLUEBIRD' A FILM BY DATSUN UK featuring the DATSUN BLUEBIRD 180B ( Graham Hill, Frank Gardner and Tony Fall)
CAPRI Mk1 (Clark, Boyd, Spice, Dawson, Smith) Bmw 3.0 Csi (Lanfranchi) Escort Mexico mk1 (Dron) Firenza (Williams) Citroen SM Hunter GLS (Unett) Rover P6 Granada mk1 Avenger GT Alfa GT Camaro (Hunt – the Winner)
2. 1974 = ‘Tour 74’ Avon Film CAPRI mk1 & 2 (G. Spice, Coleman, Scheckter, Boyd) BMW 3.0 CSI (Lanfranchi) DOLOMITE (T. Dron, Handley, Culceth) ESCORT 1 (Noel Edmonds/G. marshall/R. Clarke – the winner)) Magnum / Firenza (james Hunt, Sparrow, Cowan) Opel Commodore (T. Fall) Avenger (wins Team Prize, Unett, Malkin) Cortina 3 Mustang (Lloyd) Mazda RX3 Granada mk1
3. 1974 = 'THIS ONE WAS FUN' A VAUXHALL DTV FILM introduced by James Hunt. Following the Works (Cowan, Sparrow, Hunt) and private MAGNUM entries. (+ some great 'off the cuff' remarks from Clark (the winner) & Marshall in the Escorts)
4. 1975 = ‘8 Days in August’ Avon Film CAMARO (Pepper) CAPRI 2 (Spice) DOLOMITE SPRINT (Handley, Culceth) ESCORT RS2000 mk1 (Pond – winner!, Vandervell, Poole, Brookes, Prince Michael) AVENGER GT (Unett, Boyd) MAGNUM (G. Marshall, Sparrow) Maxda RX3 (Andrews, Williams) Lada (stubbs – wins Team Pize) Renault 5 Alfasud (Dooley) Plymouth Barracuda Hemi (Lanfranchi) Bmw (Cooper) Triumph 2.5 Fiat (Dron)

Also available -see 'PRODUCTION CAR RACING 1973/74/75' below.... The 1973 film is by Avon and not on this DVD. 1974 & 75 are the same as the DVD.

DVD4086 £18- 112min
BITS AND PIECES- VOL 1. Ford archive films; 1. 'The Davids Day' Excellent fly on the wall documentary on the Circuit of Ireland 1964, behind the scenes with the mechanics of the Works Cortina GT mk1 team of Elford, Melia & Seigle-Smith. Ford also using Zephyr mk3 Estate support cars =25mins. 2. MK2 Escorts with Roger Clark winning on RAC 1976 + Clark on the beach advert =5mins. 3. 1978 Ice Driving demos in Escort mk2 & Fiesta =6mins. 4. RS200 test demo at Boreham =3mins. 5. RS Cosworth Sierra-1986 - Phil Collins in British Rally action = 5 mins. video 3359 £13- 40mins bit and pieces vol1.jpg (14904 bytes)
BITS AND PIECES VOL 3- Ford archive films. 1. 'Our Man Clarke' wins the RAC 1972- Escort RS mk1 team (Clark, Mikkola, Makinen) v Saab, Lancia, Datsun 240Z, Opel =14mins. 2. Roger Clarke and the Escort TC on Tour of Ireland '68, Tulip Rallying '68, Acropolis '68 (with some rare shots of the Cortina mk2 as well) =16mins. 3. 'Safari to Success'- 1960 Safari Rally, Kenya - wild animals everywhere! Works Zephyr/Zodiac mk2 team (Wisdom, Young, Harrison, Scott etc) and Anglias (inc; Jeff Uren, Hughes, Pitts) v Beetle, Mercedes 219, NSU Prinz, A60 Farina, Citroen DS, DKW, Rapier, Mini, Hillman Minx =18mins. video 3361 £13- 48mins bits and pieces vol3.jpg (15789 bytes)
British Cartel Rally 1990 - Round 1 of the 1990 Shell Oils/Autosport British Open Rally Championship proved to be a daunting affair. Renowned drivers such as Malcolm Wilson (Q8 Team Ford), Russell Brookes (Ford Sapphire 4x4 Cosworth), Colin McRae (R.E.D. built Cosworth Sierra) and David Llewellin (Toyota Celica GT4) competed. Mark Lovell joined the battle in a brand new Volkswagen Golf Rally 60 and the formidable Q8 team member Gwyndaf Evans was trying his luck in Group N. Excellent interviews with Malcolm Wilson, Russell Brookes, Gwyndaf Evans, Franco Cunico and Hakan Ericsson feature. Using more cameras than ever before, all the action is captured together with tremendous in-car camera footage. The finale is truly dramatic and should not be missed!

video 4800 £13- -
British Rally On-Board Experience - Buckle up (and roll) with Mark Higgins for an exhilerating 90 minutes of in-car action from the 2002 - 2005 seasons. Through forests (Kielder at 130mph) with McHale, tarmac and winding dusty tracks including Jennie-lee Hermansson's huge crash in wales from the drivers seat perspective. With on screen telemetry data too . They must be mad! DVD4960 £17- 90mins -
British Rallying Greatest Years - 1972-2000- Escort, Quattro, Manta, 911, Celica & Legacy are just some of the cars involved. Nearly 30 years of memorable moments from BHP Productions. Plus previously unseen footage.- ONLY on DVD.




£20- 203mins

British Shell Open Rally Championship 1991- Covers five rounds at; Talkland, Fram, Perth, Manx & Audi. Features many Sapphire & Sierra Cosworths (inc Brookes), and Subaru Legacy's of C. McRae & Fisher. Some Galant Sohlberg), Delta, Celica, Skoda etc. In car with BMW and Mark Higgins Nova. video 4831 £13- 50mins -
British Rally 1987 - Flying Scotsman- British Open Series, rain, mud, snow, on the National, Circuit of Ireland, Welsh, Scots, Ulster & Manx.  Featuring title winner Jimmy McRae, and Lovell in the Sierra Cosworths, Brookes & Arrikola (  Manta's), Llewellin (Quattro) & the Opel Kadett/Astra's.  Brief footage of Peugeot 205 (Wilson, Eklund), Delta, Monza, Nova, Skoda 1600, Saab 900, Golf GTi, BMW m3 & Mazda 323. video 4399 £13- 60mins

British Rally Championship-      

  2001= on Video only £15 (#4885)

2002, 03. 04, 05, 06, 07 - on DVD = £20 each


£20- each

50 to 180mins

Burmah Scots and Cork 1993 - The Cork 20 provides the crews with one final fling as the championship comes to a close for the season. This 65 minute video brings you the best of the action from both 1993 events as Tyndall PR use in-car cameras to add to the spectacle. Although there is little doubt that the Irish take their rallying very seriously, early retirement from a rally is just another reason to get to the bar!
video 4793 £13- 65mins -
Charringtons Historic RAC - 1992, 93   All = £15 each - - to order only
Circuit of Ireland - 1986 - British Open round 2. All tarmac. Metro 6R4's first International win. Great bumper & in-car cameras. Features;  Metro 6R4 (McRae, Llewellin, Toivenon), Ford RS200 (Grundel, Lovell) & Porsche 911 (Coleman, Hedjeri). (Also some; Manta 400 (Brookes), Audi Q (Mikkola), Peugeot 205T16 (Sunderstrom), Nissan 240RS, Astra GTE, Ascona & Nova. video 4621 £13- 55mins circuit of Ireland 86.jpg (16634 bytes)
Circuit of Ireland - 1990 - Round 2 of the 1990 British Open Rally Championship, the Circuit of Ireland took place in 'mixed' weather conditions. Rain or shine, it didn't matter much to David Llewellin, Malcolm Wilson and Colin McRae just so long as it did one or the other. In fact Llewellin was pleased about the rain as he had four wheel drive, while the rest had the power going through the rear wheels. The pace was fast and furious and some titanic scraps took place between the Ford Cosworths of Wilson, McRae, Gwyndaf Evans and Saku Vierimaa (Toyota) on dry tarmac. video 4801 £13- -
Circuit of Ireland & Galway - 1993 - The Galway and Circuit of Ireland rallies are the first two of the 1993 season, one over the superb stages of the West coast of Ireland and the other now said to be the longest tarmac rally in Europe and of course part of the European Rally Championship. video 4795 £13- -
Colin McRae - Rally Legend - 1968-2007 the authorised edition,. Subaru, Citroen, Skoda & Ford right up to two weeks before his death when a documentary was being made about him. Filmed in HI-DEF. DVD 2132 £17- 138mins  
Colin McRae Forest Stages Rally 2008 - Every stage covered. With; Waldegaard, Mikkola, Vatanen, Wilson, J. McRae, Pastrana, Grist, Ringer. DVD 4942 £17-  
Crash Kings - Rally vol 1, 2, 3, 4 - 4x DVD set- crashes, smashes, near misses, bad weather, slippery tarmac, missing wheels, missing suspension, missing brains etc. All kinds of madness is here.........4 x DVD set DVD3980 £15- 255mins _
Crash Kings - Rally 3 - 150 wipeouts from British rallies in the '90s including Clubman events. More bent metal than a scrap yard. DVD4864 £13- 60mins -
Crash Kings Rallying 4 - The '90s in Sweden & Finnland Championship & Historic events...ditches, shattered glass, tree splats, flying metal....and on-bord too DVD4879 £13- 63mins -
Cutting Edge Rallying - Behind the scenes with  modern teams. Group A 1990-95 video 4922 £13- 70mins -
East African Safari Rally 2003 - retro rally film by Helmut Deimel, a great record of the tough conditions faced by drivers and cars, with dust, clinging mud, unmade tracks and flooded roads. DVD MCK001 £20- 60mins -
El Matador-Carlos Sainz- started in world Rallying in 1987,  leading his first event! Features the Sierra Cosworth in 1987 & 88 -Then the Toyota Celica's & GT4 from 1989 to 1992. Inc's his first  win in 1990 and then the championship, and again in 1992. - DVD4949 £18- 103mins -
Escorts Supreme - Five for Fiesta- 1970 World Cup Rally / RAC Rally 1977- Ford archive films. 1. 'Five...' follows the Escort team of Jimmy Greaves, Roger Clark and Mikkola, Fall, Makinen, Aaltonen, on the toughest Rallying marathon held- London to Mexico, 25 countries and 16,000 miles also features Triumph2.5PI (Hopkirk, Culceth & the huge accident for Cowan in South America). Also brief; Maxi, Austin 1800, Moscvitch, Mercedes, Hunter, BMW 2002, Citroen DS etc =25mins. 2. 'RAC 1977' One of the Escort mk2's (Clark, Dawson, Brookes, Waldegaard) most convincing victories- 5 of the top 6 places against the also featured Celica of Mikkola. Inc; race stage at Oulton Park. Brief film of the Chevette HSR, Stratos, TR7 (Tony Pond)... =15mins. DVD4946 £13- 38mins
Evolution in Rallying - 50 years- A 'coffeee table' style tour through the ages from 1950 to the present. All the usual suspects are present. .........DVD only




£17- 115mins

Flying Finns -1000 Lakes 1968 / 12 Hours in Argyll 1974- A Castrol film of 1. Mikkola winning in the Escort TC and Makinen in Finland 1968, which includes,strangely, a figure of 8 circuit (5 cars race at a time) and a council sandpit...featuring Saab (Lampinen), Porsche 911 (Toivonen, Kankhunan), (and in-car with) Escort TC & GT (Mikkola, Soderstrom, Andersson) and Mini Cooper (Makinen, Arhoe?). Brief film of; Imp, Moscvitch, Renault 8 Gordini, BMW 2002, Isuzu Bellett & saloon (Airikkola) =27 mins. 2.1974 Burmah Scottish Rally for Group 1. Where Clarke, Heggie, Brookes & Coleman's Escort mk1, Cowans Magnum (HC) saloon and Pond's Ascona fight it out. Other cars; Magnum Coupe (Hill, Sparrow), Avenger (Ayr), Capri mk1, Dolomite Sprint (Culceth), Violet (Sclater), Kadett etc. A controversial finish means Clark beats Coleman by 1 second... or does he? =24 mins. DVD4011 £15-  51mins
Ford Archive Gems vol 4 - Rally Legends - 3 x Ford films; 1. 1973 ‘Rally Driving’ Mikkola, Clark & Makinen explain rally techniques, car, lights, co-drivers, tyres, yumping etc. Footage from the RAC & Safari rallies, featuring the ESCORT MK 1 (inc; John Taylor Rallycross at Llyden) 35 mins.
2. 1963 ‘Seven Survivors’ – East Africa Rally.
Colour. Only 7 cars finish! CORTINA MK1 (P. Moss, A. Hall, Younghusband, ) ANGLIA (Hughes, Young), Saab (Carlsson), Fiat 2300 (Singh), Rover P5, Zodiac mk3, Pug 404 (wins), Beetle 20 mins
3. 1979 ‘Special Stage’ –
Roger Clark teaches Dickie Davis Rally driving in 4 days in an ESCORT 2. 12 mins
DVD 3974 £15- 67mins
'FORD on SAFARI' - 4 Ford films on one DVD - 1. 'Cortina Conquest' 1964 East African Safari Rallying, the usual dust, mud, wild animals etc. Cortina works team up against Saab, Zodiac mk3 , Mercedes 220, Ford Comet, Peugeot 404, NSU, Cresta 101 =22mins 2. 1969 Safari Rally- Usual hazards of mud, dust & wild and domestic animals, featuring rare film of the Cortina - Lotus MK2 team (Preston) battleing against the eventual winners; the South African Ford Taunus 20M RS2.3 (Ford Falcon style) team of Soderstrom & Hillyer. Brief film of; Fulvia, Saab, Austin 1800, Beetle, peugeot 404, Volvo 142, 911, Datsun P510 =19mins 3. Unseen film of the 1972. Featuring ESCORT RS1600 (Mikkola (1st European to win the event), Makinen, Singh, Hillyer, Preston) & Datsun 240Z (Mehta). Brief film of Triumph 2.5Pi (Culceth), Holden Torana, Porsche 911, Peugeot 504 = 30mins 4. - The short version of 'Its a long way to Nairobi' 1977 - the worst rains for 30 years! Featuring Escort mk2 (Clark, Waldegard, Preston, Vatanen). Brief; Stratos, 911, Colt Lancer (Cowan), 504, Datsun Violet Coupe (Aaltonen) = 12mins. DVD 4085 £15- 110mins
Ford - .....story of the....Escort, RS, Sierra etc and lots of other Ford titles......See Marques - Ford page - - -
From Harrogate It Started- 1971 RAC - Ford archive film. 1971 RAC was notable, not least for the extraordinary snowy conditions (ideal for the Scandinavians!), followed by mud! Special stages at Knebworth House and a sewage plant!. The story is told, unusually via the radio bulletins and driver quips, at that time. Features Escort RS mk1 (Mikkola, Clark, Makkinen, Cowan) and Datsun Z teams but also film of Saab 96, Renault Alpine, Lancia Fulvia HF, Wartburg, Viva HB, Capri, Kadett, 911S, Mini, Fiat 124 spyder and Zodiac mk4 estate support cars for the Escorts.... DVD WITHDRAWN 40mins
Galway and Donegal - 1989 - video 4060 £13- 50mins -
Geneva Rally 1964- Featuring the Sunbeam Tiger V8 - see Motor Films Quarterly Vol 3 - in Single Seaters page - - -

Golden Age of Rallying 1958-1968 / 1969 Safari Rally - 1. Ford/ Castrol/ Shell archive film covers most of the great European rallies; RAC, Monte, Alpes, Ireland, Acropolis, plus, '68 London to Sydney, Safari etc...featuring Cortina MK1 & MK2, Big Healey, Mini etc. With commentary from Stuart Turner. =23mins. 2. - 1969 Safari Rally- Usual hazards of mud, dust & wild and domestic animals, featuring rare film of the Cortina - Lotus MK2 team (Preston) battleing against the eventual winners; the South African Ford Taunus 20M RS2.3 (Ford Falcon style) team of Soderstrom & Hillyer. Brief film of; Fulvia, Saab, Austin 1800, Beetle, peugeot 404, Volvo 142, 911, Datsun P510 =19mins. 3. 1973 Scottish Rally - Ford film featuring the Escort mk1 of Clark, Mikkola, Cowan, Pond. Mikkola fights back from 58th position...18 mins.

DVD3962 £13- 60mins
Greatest years of Rallying - the '70s- A compilation of footage from the BHP archives of all the usual suspects. Introduced by Steve Rider. ............DVD only




£15- 95mins

Greatest Years of Rallying - the '80s- This time including the Group B supercar era. ............DVD only




£15- 95mins


Henry Toivonen - His Rally days - All Rallying action, some variable picture quality and sound due to the master having been slightly damaged many years ago. Some of the film is rare and the action is good. Features; 1979-81 -Sunbeam Lotus (incs; RAC, Monte, San Remo, 1000 Lakes)= 12 mins. 1982-83 - Opel Ascona 400 (Incs; 1000 Lakes, Monte)= 11 mins. 1983 - Manta 400 (& Ferrari) = 5 mins. 1984-85 - Lancia 037 (& Porsche 911)(inc; Acropolis, Sardinia, Monte) = 16 mins.     1986- Lancia Delta S4 (Inc; Monte, Sardinia, Corsica - his last and fatal rally) = 11 mins.

DVD 4943 £13- 55mins
Holden- First Around Australia - 1979 & 1985 events - SEE Marques G-Z page. - -  
In Car Manx Rally 1983 - Rothmans Manx International. No music, no commentary, the only words are are the pace notes read by Terry Harryman, guiding Ari Vatanen' s Manta 400 through the twisty lanes and villages. Edge of the seat stuff, specially designed perfect picture camera. DVD 4015



In Car Manx Rally Experience - best action from Pentti, Bertie Fisher, Higgins and many others pushing it to the limit around the Isle of Man lanes. .........DVD only




£15- 86mins

IRC - Intercontinental Rally Review 2008 - Coverage of every round, with aerial and in-car footage, plus interviews and bonus features. DVD 4754 £17-  
Killarney and Donegal - 1993- Spectacular Mountain sections on the 'Rallying of the Lakes', main contenders are the dominating Subaru Legacy (Fisher), BMW M3 and Sapphire Cosworth's galore. (Also; Celica GT4 (McHale), Quattro S (J. McRae), Escort Mk2, 3/4 & Cosworth, Ascona & Manta, Nova & Corsa, Chevette HSR , Sunbeam Lotus etc) video 4794 £13- 60mins -
Local Heroes- 1984 1000 Lakes Rally - A Castrol film that concentrates on the superfast four way battle between; Quattro Sport (Mikkola /Mouton / Blomqvist), Nissan (Arrikola), Peugeot 205 Turbo (Vatanen) and Lancia (Allen/Toivonen). (Also some; Celica turbo, Fiat Ritmo, Opel Manta) DVD4014 £13- 25mins
London to Sydney Marathon 1993 - Re-run of the original 1968 event. The Hillman Hunter, winning car then and Andrew Cowan were re-united for this event along with many other orignal cars & drivers. 2 Russian Antanov planes took 100 cars from Eastern Europe to India and on to Australia. 12 countries, tragedy, tarmac, desert, dirt, snow in Oz and street trials in kalgoorlie. Escort mk1 (Roger Clark), 911, Peugeout 34/404, DAF, Aussie Falcon XT GT, Holdens, MGB, Rolls corniche, Austin 1800, Volvo 121 & 140, Healey 3000, Renault 8, Cortina mk1 & 2, Mustang, Triumph 2000, Morgan... video 4071 £13- 85mins -
Man Against Man- Superb 1981 Rothmans documentary of the incredibly fast Manx road Rally which saw a tremendous three way battle, not just for the event but also the title. Between Jimmy  McRae (Ascona 400), Tony Pond (Chevette HSR) and Walter Rohrl (Porsche 911). Also joining in the fun are Escort mk2's (lots, including Rothmans- Clark, Airikkola & Wilson), Sunbeam Lotus, Celica's (Eklund), Fiat 131Abarth and the Rothmans Stunt Plane. Video TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE

man against man.jpg (14218 bytes)
Manx International - 1989, 90, 91, 92, 95, 96    All = £13 each video - 60mins to order only
Manx Rallies of the 1980s - 1984-1989 with Mikkola, Mcrae, Pond, Lovell, Wilson etc - with new footage never seen before DVD4860 £15-
Metro 6R4 - Now on DVD - see Austin Metro in 'MARQUES A-F' page - - -
Mintex RAC National Rally Championship 1991- Features Sapphire & Sierra Cosworth, Peugeot 205 GTi, Mazda 323, Mitsubishi Galant VR4. (Also some; Celica GT4, Nova GSi, Legacy, Delta, Golf & BMW m3). Includes the Manx and Bournemouth seafront stages... video 4797 £13- 50mins -
Mintex National Rally - 1992, 93   all = £13- each video - 60mins to order only
Mobil 1 Top Gear British Rally Championship 1992 - Group A & N cars on 4 (Welsh, Scots, N.I, Manx) of the 6 rounds . Features the Subaru Legacy's Of C. McRae, McKinstry & Burns and the many Sierra Sapphire Cosworths inc; A.McRae, Smith, Aitken, Evans, Wilson & Head. Other cars inc; Galant (Sohlberg), Nova (Higgins, Porter), Peugeot 205 (Milner), celica GT4, Saab 9000T & Mazda. Although deleted we do sometimes find copies...let us know if you would like one... video BBCV4879 £15- 165mins -
Mobil 1 Top Gear British Rally Championship 1993 - Down to the wire, literally - look for Wilsons co-driver operating the wipers! Covers; Wales, Cumbria, Scots, Ulster & I.O.M for Seniors, F2 & Group N. Escort RS Cos (Wilson, Head etc) against Astra GTE (Llewellin, Higgins), Legacy (Burns, Fischer etc) & Sapphie Cos. (Fennick, Lees) . Others inc; Boxer Barry McGuigan in a Nova, Tony Pond in Metro, Corsa, Rover 200, Trabant etc .........Although deleted we do sometimes find copies...let us know if you would like one... video BBCV5133 £15- -
( Best of) Monte Carlo Rally in the Fifties - 1- 1955 Wooly hats and duffle coats, from AstonDB2, Porsche 356 and Standard Ten. inc; the Monaco circuit Rally race - (Standard Triumph film) - 22mins.(same as MFQ2 & 'Triumph Marque' HMF1041)) 2- 1956 Rally with races at Monza and the Stelvio Climb.  Narrated by Raymond Baxter, this is a Standard- Triumph film featuring the Standard Vanguard mk3 & 10 (Richardson, Bolton, Ashfield, Gatsonides, Brooke, Barker), plus; Jaguar mk7 (Adams, the winner!), & XK140, Merc 300SL, Alfa 1900, Riley Pathfinder, Ford 100E, Renault 4CV, Beetle, Sunbeam Alpine mk3 (Ray, Harper), Austin A50 (P.Moss, Sears), Bristol, Dyna (debut of) Citroen DS19, DKW. 3- 1958 (see 'Classic Rallying' HMF1014 above) HMFDVD5007 £20- 87min
Monte Carlo Rally - 1955 - see TRIUMPH MARQUE in Marques G - Z page - - -
Monte Carlo Rally in the Sixties - 1960 – 1. 'ROAD TO MONTE CARLO' –BMC film - MINI (Pitts, Wisdom, Morley’s) Mga Volvo pv44 Citroen DS Saab Merc 220 Wolsley Farina A40 (Pat Moss) Rapier Riley 1.5 Tr2/3 Anglia Zephyr MK2 Dkw Mga Volvo
2. 1963 – Standard Triumph film 'OBJECTIVE MONTE CARLO'- terrible conditons- only 30% finish- inc;Monaco grand Prix circuit. TR4 (Thuner, Hamlyn) TRIUMPH VITESSE (Sprinzel, Elford, Sutcliffe) Citroen DS Mini (Hopkirk) Zodiac mk3 Reliant Sabre Volvo 121 Nsu Saab (Carlsson -winner) Volvo PV Ford Falcon Rapier Daf Cortina (Taylor) Anglia (P. Moss) & Anglia Allardette Peugeot 404 Renault Dauphine, 8 & 4? Healey Rover P5 Vauxhall Victor Merc 220
3. 1965 – ‘Monte Carlo Rally 1965’ - TRIUMPH FILM. 35 finished from 237 starters! SPITFIRE & GT (Hunter, Slotemaker, Reeves, Lamponen) MINI COOPER (Makinen, Hopkirk) IMP (Smith, Pollard) CITROEN DS
Renault 8 Saab Triumph 2000 (Bolton) Bmc 1800 Austin 1100
Cortina mk1 (Elford, Taylor, Proctor) Anglia (Allard) Volvo 121 Flavia Porsche 904 Tiger (Harper, Cowan) Rover 2000 (R. Clark)
E-type VW1500s Zephyr mk3 Mustang Bmw Nsu Tr4 Glas Rapier Corsair Taunus Steyr-puch Mercedes.
HMFDVD5013 88mins £20-
Monte Carlo Rally - 1962 - see Motor Films Quarterly Vol 4- in Single Seaters page      
Monte Carlo Rally - 1960 & 65 - see MINI VIDEO under Austin Mini in Marques A-F page. - - -
Monte Carlo Rally 1987 - Kankkunen, Salonen & Rohrl end up just 5 seconds apart! Despite Rohrl's best efforts, this would be a duel between Kankkunen and Biasion. With just one day left, the dominant Lancias faced exclusion after a protest. The team escaped sanction, but there was further controversy when Biasion secured an unexpected victory ahead of a clearly unhappy Kankkunen. DVD 4316 £13- 62mins

Monte Carlo Rally 1988 - Featuring the Audi Q, Lancia Delta & Ford.

Monte Carlo Rally 1989 - Lancia, Toyota, Mitsubishi & Mazda battle it out with Kankkunen, Salonen, Mikkola, Sainz & Vatanen

Monte Carlo Rally 1990 - Lancia, Toyota, Mitsubishi & Mazda again.

Monte Carlo Rally 1991 - Delta, Celica, Galant - Sainz, Kankkunen, Salonen, Delecour, Auriol

DVD 4317





£13- 49min

£13- 60mins

£13- 52mins


Monte Carlo Classic Rally - 1991, 92 = £15 each. 1993 = £13 video - 42 to 52mins  
National Breakdown & Circuit of Ireland  - 1985 - Two films made by AC Delco following the Manta 400's of J. McRae, Fischer & Brookes on the Yorkshire & Ireland events. Also features the Quattro (inc Sport) of Mouton, Wilson & Llewellyn. Some footage of Rover SD1 (Pond), Supra (Eklund), Nissan 240Rs, Sunbeam Lotus, Astra GTE, Peugeot 205GTi, Escort mk2, Porshe 911 (Coleman), Renault 5 Turbo. video 4058 £13- 34mins -
Paris-Dakar - and Dakar - Off road rallies- ......See MISC. page. - - -

Pirelli Classic Marathon - 1989, 90, 91  All £13 each

These European tarmac events attract drivers like Makinen, Roger Clark, Anne Hall, Stirling Moss etc. In cars ranging from the Mini, Cortina, E-type, Tiger, MGB, Healey, Ferrari, Morgan and scores more, trying to win or to gain an Alpine Cup.................................to order only. 1989 DVD (#4324 £13). 1990 now on DVD (#4325 £13) & 1991 now on DVD (#4326 £13)

DVD - 45 - 55mins  

Production Car Racing 1973/ 74 / 75- Avon Motor Tour of Britain -

1973=CAPRI (R. Clark, Spice, Boyd) CAMARO (James Hunt – the Winner)) Firenza(Harper) Bmw 3.0 CSI (Tony Lanfranchi) Alfa GT Granada Manta A Moscvitch Hunter GLS

This 1973 film was made by Avon tyres and is not on DVD. The 1974 & 1975 films are now available on DVD. See 'AVON TOUR 1973-75' above

video PPV3127 £13- 60min production car race-avon tour.jpg (16353 bytes)

RAC RALLY - '30 years of the RAC Rally' - Two seperate films make up this video - note that there is no film from 1970 to 79.......

1960 the first, to 1969. Saab's galore, plus Minor, Big Healey, MGA, Jag mk2, Minx, Datsun Z, Volvo 120, Ford 100E, Beetle, Standard, Mini, Renault 8, Lancia Fulvia, Zephyr mk2, Cortina & Escort mk1's.

Then 1980 to 1989 featuring Escort mk2's against Chevette HSR, TR7 V8, Ascona, Sunbeam, Saab 900, Peugeot 205T16, Fiat 131, RS200, Quattro, Lancia, Mazda, Toyota, Sierra, Astra GTE, Mitsubishi etc. Experience the speed, thrills and of course the mud.

video 4042 £13- 50min 30 years of RAC Rallying.jpg (14589 bytes)

RAC Rally 1983 - 5 days of no pace notes Rallying at; Longleat, Ashton Court, Castle Coombe, Sutton Park, Oulton, Grizedale etc... Features; Quattro (Mikkola (Hertz becomes 'riding mechanic when the Quattro loses a wheel), Blomqvist, Mouton, Buffham), Rothmans Opel Manta 400 & GTE (Toivonen, Vatanen, McRae), Chevette HSR (Brookes, Marshall), Celica Turbo (Eklund, Waldegaard, Kankkunen), Nissan 240RS (Salonen). Others Inc; Golf GTi (Grundle), Mazda RX7 (Lord), FSO Polonez, Citroen Visa, Sunbeam Lotus, Skoda, Escort RS1600i mk3, Ascona, Kadett, Mitsubishi.

DVD 4302

£13- 50mins

RAC Rally 1984 - Includes Chester, Morely Wildlife Park (Very muddy, Tony Pond 1st casualty), Donnington, Sutton Park, Scotland & Wales. Features; Quattro & S1 (Mikkola, Mouton, Buffham, Wilson), Celica Turbo (Waldegaard, Kankkunen, Eklund), Manta (McRae, Brookes), Peugeot 205T16 (Vatanen) & Rothmans Porshe (R. Clarke, Hajari - in Car). Others inc; Rover SD1 (Pond), Nissan 240RS (Salonen, Mehta), Golf (Grundle), Mazda RX7, Saab 900, Audi 80 Quattro, Escort mk2 DVD 4303

£13- 50mins

RAC Rally 1985 - No practise, debut of the Lancia Delta S4 (Toivonen & Alen) & Metro 6R4 (Pond & Wilson). Also features Quattro A2 & S1 (Mikkola/Rohrl/Eklund), Peugeot 205T16 (Salonen/Grundle) & Mazda RX7. (other shorter appearances by; Manta 400 (Brookes, McRae), Celica Turbo (Waldegaard), Nissan 240RS, Ascona, Astra GTE & Rover SD1 DVD 4304 £13- 55mins
RAC Rally 1986 - The final Rally in Europe for the Group B supercars - most stages had no practise or pace notes allowed - Features Delta S4 (Alen/Ericsson), Peugeot 205T16 & Metro 6R4 (Kankkunen /Salonen/Pond/Wilson/McRae). (Also some; Manta 400, Ford RS200 (Blomqvist, Grundel, Lovell), Mazda 323T & Quattro. DVD 4305 £13- 60mins
RAC Rally 1987 - Group B is dead - McRae, Brookes, Kankkunen,Alen & Blomqvist carry on with a new generation of 'safer' cars. DVD4306 £13- 61mins -
RAC Rally 1988 - Delta Integrale, Celica, Mazda 323 feature with Alen, Salonen & Kankkunen DVD4307 £13- 59mins -
RAC Rally 1989 - Celica GT4, Galant, Mazda 323 4WD feature with Wilson, Sainz, Vatanen & Salonen DVD4308 £13- 60mins -
RAC Rally 1990 - Lancia, Misubishi, Subaru, Toyota - Wilson, Kankkunen, Sainz, vatanen) DVD4309 £13- 100mins -
RAC Rally 1991 - Lancia, Toyota, Subaru, Mitsubishi - Wilson, Sainz, Delecour, Salonen DVD4310 £13- 55mins  
RAC Rally - 1992, 93, 94, 95, all = £13 each DVD - 55mins -
Race of Champions 2004 - Stade de France hosts 16 top drivers from WRC Rally, Nascar, F1 in head to head races for their countries honour. With; Loeb, Alesi, Coulthard, Johnson, McRae, Schumacher, Kovalainen, Gronholm etc. Includes some on-bord film too........DVD only........ DVD4868 £17- 52mins --
Race of Champions 2005 - 16 of the worlds best drivers from F1, NASCAR, WRC go head to head in the Stade de France. With David Coulthard, Travis Pastrana, Tom Kristensen, Sebastian Loeb., McRae, Schumacher, on-board with Gronholm too. Race of Champions 2006, 2007 £17 each DVD £17- each 60+ mins -
RALLYCROSS- see MISC page for details. Only films from 1985 to 2004 are available.............. - - -

Rally Havoc - 350 crashes and no-one gets seriously hurt. Quality production from the Duke archives. 65mins #DVD2131

Rally Havoc vol 2- More stunning and shocking accidents to make you wince and hide behind the cushions....#DVD5299

DVD £13- each -
Rally of Great Britain 2001 - The RAC Rally 2001 - inc's; in-car with Grunholm, Burns & McRae. Last round of the 2001 WRC. video 4885 £13- 70mins -
Rallymaster / Inside Racing - Rallymaster is a Castrol/Nissan film from 1982 of Rauno Aaltonens time with the Nissan Silvia/200SX. Behind the scenes, technique and lots of in-car on the 1000 Lakes and Canada rallies against the Escort mk1 & 2, Quattro, Porsche 911, Sunbeam Lotus, Lancer, Volvo 240 & Lancia 037. (25 mins). 'Inside Racing' is from the 1979 Canadian WRC round with Escort mk2 (Vatanen), Triumph TR8, Datsun & Toyota. (11 mins) and the 1979 Canada Rallyingsprint in a giant gravel quarry. Triumph TR8 features and wins! With Celica, Saab 900, Datsun ect. (15 mins)

DVD4035 £15- 51mins

Rally Review 1989 - 1.- Shell Oils British Open. 7 Rounds; Cartel Int, C. Ireland, Welsh Int, Scots, Ulster, Manx, Wales/Audi Int. Jimmy McRae's 5th Irish win plus flames on the Scottish, Colin McRae's first Group A drive. Features; Sierra Cos (J. McRae, Lovell, Brookes, Evans, McCale), Toyota Celica GT4 (Llewellin) with supporting roles from; Galant (Airikkala), Astra GTE (Wilson, Aitken), Nova GTE, Mazda, Peugeot 390GTi, Skoda Favorit, Lancia Delta & BMW M3 = 31 minutes. 2.- WRC - Swedish, Monte, Portugal, Safari, Corsica, Acropolis, 1000 Lakes, San Remo & RAC. Featuring winners, Lancia Delta Integrale (Biasion, Auriol, Saby, Alen, Fiorio), Mazda (Salonen, Carlsson, Mikkola), Celica GT4 (Eriksson, Kankkunen, Waldegaard), Mitsubishi Galant VR4 (Vatanen, Eriksson), plus; Quattro, Astra GTE, Nova, BMW M3, Nissan & Golf = 20 mins. 3. - RAC 1989 - Featuring Jimmy McRae in the Sierra Cosworth = 30 mins..... Although deleted we do sometimes find copies...let us know if you would like one...

video VVD612 £15- 81 mins
Rally world - 1998, 99, 00,   = all £13 each - - -
Rally World 2001- Behind the scenes of the WRC, latest developments in materials, bodywork and engineering. Interviews, on-board cameras, new cars and indepth look at Hyundai, Ford, Subaru & Mitsubishi. video 4931 £13- 60mins -
Roger Albert Clark - In-Car RAC 1984 - A lost film for many years, now available again. DVD4161 £13- 55mins
Scottish Rally - 1988, 92, 93  All = £13- each video - 50 to 60mins to order only
Sierra Conquest- 1988 -see Marques -   Ford page. video - - -
Snow Rally Experience - 1992 Arctic Rallying. Ride with Ari Vatanen and Colin McRae in the works Subaru's on snow and ice, even in the dark.(free pace notes with the DVD).........DVD only




£15- 60mins

Stage Times 1996 - Features highlights from six British Championships; Mintex, Mobil/Top Gear, EARS/Motoring News, BTRDA Gold & Silver Star, Scottish & Irish tarmac series. video 4291 £13- 120mins -
Stages To Victory- A Castrol film. Excellent record, of the controversial to the very end, 1976 Castrol/Autosport Rallying Championship. Four rounds featured here; Int Mintex (Yorkshire), Arkell (Glos), Castrol '76 (Wales) and Raylor (Yorks). Features mainly Escort mk1 (Stokes, Jones, Wilson) & Escort RS1800 mk2's (Andrews & Cossack cars - Brookes, Clark, Vatanen, Airikkala, Heggie) and some Magnum (Sparrow, Hill), Dolomite (Culceth), TR7 (Pond, Culceth), Stratos (Dawson), Avenger (Field), BMW 2002, Ascona, Celica, Kadett, Violet (Barry Lee) etc DVD4013 £13- 38mins
Still Too Fast To Race - Sequel to 'Too Fast To Race'. Group B cars changed the face of Rallying with their stunning power & speed. The risks became just too high and the 600 bhp turbo monsters were banned. There is 40 minutes of Group B history, with of archive footage of the Quattro, Lancia 037 & S4, Peugeot 205T16, Ford RS200, Porshe 959 & Metro 6R4. Comments from David Sutton (Audi chief) and John Davenport (MG chief). 20 minutes of Stig Blomqvist putting many of the classic Rallying cars through hell at a Rallying school and then 17 minutes of Historic Group B Rallying in Germany. DVD Extras; 12 minutes of on-board film with Stig at the Rallying school in several cars & 3 minutes of on-board with Tony Pond in the Metro 6R4..........DVD only


DVD 5549


£17- 90min

Story of the .....Ford Escort, Sierra , RS200 etc.....See Marques - Ford Page. - - -
Tale Of Three Rallies - A Castrol film. Rallying of the Danube 1978 - Features 28 x Dacia 1300's (Renault 12),  Opel Kadett (Wittman - wins) and Skoda coupe. (also Polski Fiat, Moskvitch, Lada, Fiat 126, peugeot 405, Renault 5 Alpine, Volvo 240, Saab 99 etc) =23 mins). San Remo 1979 - features Stratos(Tony, Brion, Nikko), Escort mk2 (Presotto), Triumph TR8 (Eklund, Lamponen), Fiat 131 (Alen, Rorhl), with some; Chevette HS, Fiat Ritmo, Sun Lotus (Pond), Autobianchi =18 mins. RAC 1979 - Features; Stratos (Alen), TR8 (Buffum, Eklund), Chevette HS (McRae, Arrikola) and the last time out for the works Escort mk2 (Brookes, Mikkola, Clark, Waldegaard) =19 mins) DVD4008N £15- 60mins
This is Rallying - How to get started, visit a rally school, observing the organising of a national rally. Explore navigation, role of the co-driver and pace notes and some of the pro's. Contributions from the McRae family and Simmonite sisters and including some great on-board camera work......... DVD only DVD5510 £15- 63mins -
Too Fast to Race- Story of the Group B supercars, 600 bhp, 4WD, turboed, dangerous. Awesome action and close ups. Features Lancia Stratos (& 1970 prototypes), Renault 5 Turbo, Peugeot 205T16, Quattro & S1, Ford RS200. Other cars included are Manta 400, Metro 6R4, Citroen (BX)BN4TC, Lancia Rallying 037 & Delta S4. Brief footage of Paris-Dakar & Pikes Peak..........DVD only


DVD 2990


£17- 92mins

Top Gear British Rally Review - 1994, 95, 96    All £13 each - £13- -
1. Twighlight Zone- 1982 Swedish Rally / 2. Apointment at Penha- Rallyinge de Portugal 1977- both Castrol films.-1.- Features the Quattro team (Mikkola, Blomqvist, Mouton) with Factory shots, preparation, practise and the Rallying itself. Also features the main opposition; Vatanen in the Escort mk2. Brief film of; Ascona 400, Datsun, Ren 5 GT. Music from Rush and Pink Floyd. 2.- Features three way battle between; Escort 2 (Clark, Vatanen), Fiat 131 Abarth 4 car team, Toyota Celica. Brief shots of the Opel G2 slantback & Porsche. Music by Gordon Giltrap. DVD 4010 £15-  58mins

Ulster 1990 - British Midland, Shell/Autosport Open Championship -Videovision production - Features the Sierra RS (McRae), Sierra Sapphire RS Cos (Wilson, McKinstry, Evans), Celica GT4 (Lewellin inc. in-car) & BMW M3 (Middleton, McHale, Fisher). Others include Daihatsu Charade (Kaby), Civic (Head), Skoda, Nova GTE (Metcalfe) & Peugeot 309 GTi (Eriksson).

video 4804 £13- -
Ulster and Killarney - 1989 - the Irish Tarmac Rallies. Features Sierra Cosworth (Jimmy & Colin McRea, Lovell, Evans, Brookes), many Opel Manta's and lots of Escort Mk 2's   (yes- even in 1989 they still work hard )inc; In car cameras. Brookes and Fisher (BMW M3) fight for the title. Also has; Celica GT4 (Llewellin), corolla, Nova, Mitsubishi, Renzi, Darian, Nissan 240, 911 Carrera, Pug 205 & 309, Chevette HSR, Astra (Wilson), Skoda Fwd, Delta etc. video 4061 £13- 50mins -
Ulster and Manx 1985-   British Open Rally rounds 5 & 6. Both tarmac, The Ulster becoming a Manta benefit. Features the Quattro S1 & A2 (Wilson, Llewelyn, Mouton, ), Manta (McRae, Brookes, Fisher), Toyota Supra (Eklund) and  plenty of Escort mk2's. Tony Pond makes a rare appearance in the Rover SD1 and brief film of; Pug 205, Nissan 240, Astra GTE, Corsa, Skoda, Sunbeam lotus, Golf GTi, Escort mk4 Turbo, Renault 5T. video 4064 £13- 55mins -
USA Rally - Some of the best stage mileage in the world and film from each round of the championship including highlights from New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas & Atlanta. . Mostly Impreza & Evo's, but with some odd entries too (pick-up's and jeeps). With on-board and service footage. DVD4894NV £15- 100mins -
Vatanen Touch- 1980 British Open Rally Championship- Ford archive film. Still regarded as one of the classics and one of the foggiest. Mintex, Circuit of Ireland, Welsh, Scottish, and Manx with the incredible mk2 Rothmans Escort of Vatanen and Escort mates Wilson, Rutherford and Mikkola against the also featured Chevette HSR of Jimmy McCrae. Others involved were Pond in the TR8, the Lotus Sunbeam's (inc; Toivenon), FSO Polonez, Celica, Saab and Ascona 400..........DVD only





vatanen touch.jpg (15647 bytes)

Vatanen Touch Too! - Features 20 minutes of the Rothmans Escort mk2 in the 1981 International season mainly Acropolis, 1000 Lakes, Ivory Coast & RAC trying to keep on terms with the first Group B Audi's, Manta, Sunbeam & Celica. 5 minutes of the MCD Escort mk2 in 1982/83. 15 minutes of Peugeot 205 (1983-1987) including his huge accident, that nearly claimed his life and 16 minutes of the 205 & 405 in rallies, Paris-Dakar & Pikes Peak (1987-88). Ends with the Subaru Legacy just before the 1992 New Zealand Rallying..........DVD only





Welsh Fram Rally - 1990 - the star-studded entry list included such worthies as Graham Mlddleton/Peter Wans (BMW M3), Hakan Ericsson/Johnny Johansson (Peugeot 309GTI), Malcolm Wllson/Nicky Grist (Ford Sapphire RS Cosworth) plus the two local heroes Gwvndaf Evans/Howard Davies (Ford Sapphire RS Cosworth) and David Llewellin/Phil Short (Toyota Celica GT4).
video 4802 £13- -
World Rallying Championship - many individual Rally events are available from 1985 to 1991 - Please ring or e-mail for details. All = £13 each. video - - to order only
World Rally Championship Review 1985- Debut of the Metro 6R4 with Tony Pond. Includes the Safari Rally. DVD4961 £17- 120min -
World Rally Championship Review 1986 - This year marked the end of Group B and an era in Rallying. Technical advances edged the sport even nearer to the limits of safety and the rally 'supercars'. Featuring; Lancia Delta S4 (Alen, Biasion), Metro 6R4 (Eklund, Toivonen, Wilson), Quattro (Lampi). Glory for the young Kankkunen (Peugeot 205T16) and tragedy with the loss of Toivonen. DVD4962 £17- 120min -
World Rally Championship Review 1987 - Comprehensive record of a dramatic year in Group A. All 12 rounds of sideways action. Lancia Delta S4 (Alen, Ericsson), BMW, Mazda 323 4WD (Carlsson), Peugeot 205 T16(Salonen, Kankkunen) and Audi vie for the title. Reigning Champion Kankkunen was the man to beat DVD4963 £17- 120mins -
World Rally Championship Review - 1988 - Lancia Delta Integrale (Kankkunen, Biasion, Alen) takes the title but Carlos Sainz and the Sierra Cosworth are the most spectacular to watch. Also appearing; Quattro (Eklund, Mikkola), Renault 11T, Golf GTi, Nissan Silvia 200ZX, BMW M3, Celica GT4. Derek Bell tries the Kadett on the RAC. DVD4964 £17- 120mins  
World Rally Championship Review 1989 - Japanese cars took the rally world by storm in '89. Lancia pinned their hopes on the 13v Integrale. Biasion, sainz, Auriol, Flori, Mikkola, Vatanen all star. DVD4965 £17- 120min -

World Rally Championship Review 1990 - WRC. Featuring 13 rounds with Carlos Sainz and the Toyota, Lancia, Mitsubishi and Subaru battle it out at 1000 lakes, San Remo & Argentina amongst others. Wilson, vatanen, Kankkunen. Rallying came alive again as spectators enjoyed the spectacle of such brilliant drivers as Carlos Sainz, Timo Salonen, Didier Auriol, Colin McRae, Hannu Mikkola, Juha Kankunnen and Tommi Makinen, behind the wheel of machinery with performance on a par with the old Group B ïsupercarsÍ which so entranced world audiences in the mid-80s.

DVD4878 £17- 120mins

World Rally Championship -  Review - 1991 (Delta, Celica GT4, Galant VR4), 1992 (Delta HF, Celica Turbo 4WD), 1993 (Escort RS Cosworth, Celica Turbo 4WD), 1994 (Impreza, Mitsubishi Evo), 1995 (Mc Rae- champion), 1996, 1997 (Subaru Imprezza, Mitsubishi Evo),1998, 1999 (Makinen, McRae, Burns), 2000, (McRae, Makinen, Sainz), 2001 (Burns v McRae), 2002, 2003, 2004 = £17 each

2005, 2006, 2007 = £20 each

DVD only

DVD £17- each 100mins+ -

World Rally - WRC

Crash vol 1 (McRae, Loeb, Makinen, Gronholm etc), Crash vol2 Mcrae, Gronholm, Sainz, Burns etc), Crash vol 3 (McRae, Loeb, Vatanen, Solberg etc) -

WRC Craziest Moments - Crazy, spectacular, shocking - all the mad bits inc; Mcrae, Burns, Loeb, Makkinen etc







£8 each- 40mins


£13- 90min

Worlds Greatest Rally Cars - Quattro, Stratos, 037, Integrale, RS200, Escorts, Cosworth, Focus, Impreza, Mitsubishi Evo ect...With McRae, Alen, Blomqvist, Mikkola, and Waldegaard. Featuring action of the awsome Group B Supercars. Also, loads of info on 25 rally cars, fact files and a white knuckle on-board experience..........DVD only........




£20- 110mins


World Rally In-car Experience 1 & 2 - Two original videos on one DVD set. 1 was filmed in 1996 with Colin McRae, Burns, Sainz, Makinen etc, from the frozen landscapes of Scandinavia to the searing heat of Thailand. Also features Rallying Car stats on set up and testing. 2 features Schwarz and Kankkunen in the Escort Cosworth, Freddie Loix in the Corolla among other Subaru's and Carisma's......DVD only

DVD4930 £17- 130mins  
Year Of the Cortina /  Cortina Conquest / Mountain Man - (now THREE Ford archive films) 1. - 'Year...' 1964 - mainly circuit racing with competition and some factory footage (inc; Jim Clark, Gardner, Sears, Whitmore, Elford ) against Galaxie's, Mini's, Anglias, jag mk2 etc at Brands 6 hours, Budapest City Centre, Aintree, Crystal Palace, Nurburgring, Oulton + some Rallying with the Safari, Alpine, Midnight Sun, Mount Ventola. =30mins. 2. - 'Cortina Conquest..' 1964 East African Safari Rally against Saab, Zodiac mk3, Mercedes 220, NSU, Ford Comet, Cresta 101, Renault 4, Peugeot 404 etc. =22mins 3. - 'Mountain Man'. Following Vic Elford in the GT (also GT's for Taylor & Siegle-Morris), around the 2,500 miles of mountains (much of it without guardrails!), with lots of rain at the end too. = 20 mins DVD 4945 £13- 72mins
Year Of The Sierra - 1987 - see - MARQUES - FORD - page DVD4944 £13- -

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